wallet question

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  1. I'm getting a wallet and I want to know if the Josephine or Emilie Wallet will fit in a Damier Speedy 25?
  2. Yes they both certainly will! :smile:
  3. they totally will!

    DisCo- love your new avatar :biggrin:
  4. Thanks! Even though I have a Damier Bag, I want some Monogram Accessoiries.
  5. Thanks lelliebunny!! I love your new avatar too! :smile:
  6. Yes me too I don't really match my bags to my wallets, etc...I buy what I like! ;)
  7. why thank you. ;)

    i was inspired by you. yes, really. everytime i saw one of your posts with your pomme cles or your avatar, i knew i had to have one. so now i have a pomme sunset blvd and the pomme cles. :biggrin:
  8. Definitely. Have you been on louisvuitton.com to get measurements?
  9. Yes and I went with the Emilie in Rouge.
  10. ^ Congrats! Are you going to be revealing it? :graucho:?
  11. I'm going to try! I never posted pics on here before though