Wallet question...

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  1. Call me lazy, but I just can't be bothered with more than one wallet at a time. I'll change out my bag to match my clothes/weather/mood, but I stick to the same wallet, no matter which bag.

    Am I alone?

    Also, and this is random, my current wallet is a full-size Zoe bronze wallet that zips around. But it doesn't fit easily into some of my bags; so what do I do about that? I'm almost inclined to sell a couple on FeeBay, just 'cuz...
  2. Nope you are not alone! I have the Tribeca Op Art checkbook wallet and I use it with all three bags I own. If I'm going out and don't want to be bothered with all the mess I just pull out my DCs and ID and spare cash and put in a wristlet. Personally I think it is way too bothersome to switch out bags AND wallets.....ugggggh!
  3. Thanks, DL. Some of the ladies here have sooooo many Coach items, including multiple wristlets and wallets...I was beginning to feel like a freak.

    The reason I am thinking about this is that I finally finished dyeing/rehabbing a black leather duffle (I started a thread about it the other day...I've been meaning to upload pics of the bag). The bag is now looking GREAT, but I find that I have to be a little careful putting my wallet in the bag so that the zipper doesn't scratch it (the wallet is bronze and seems to be a little susceptible to scratches), which is frustrating. My wallet is about 8" long, and this bag is around 10" wide (if I recall correctly); there's not much room for "error" when I'm placing it into the bag.
  4. Seismic, I feel the same way. I have a waverly zip around wallet in black and grey. Well recently I found the patent jade small (tiny) wallet to match my hailey. It was so cute and a great price so I got it. I then realized a week later than it was tooo small and that its too trouble to change out bags and wallets. Plus I want to spend $ on bags not wallets, ya know?
  5. I have a few wallets, but i've been using my Gramercy Mini Skinny since Christmas and I have no desire to switch out of it. I get annoyed when I switch wallets and my largest one is just way too heavy.
  6. I have the same mini skinny and 2 cosmetic bags that get put in every bag. I love when accessories match, but I prefer to spend my funds on the bags themselves. They are all different colors/patterns too.

    One of my good friends has a silver Audrey with purple lining. She went ahead and bought all Madison purple accessories, even a purple pen & pencil! It looks SMASHING.
  7. I change my bags out every couple of days and there's no way I'm going to be changing out wallets that often. So I just try and coordinate, and my wallets are leather in neutral colors, black, brown, gold metallic, etc. Right now in winter I'm using mostly black bags, so my wallet is black. But my brown leather wallet goes with just about everything, same for the gold wallet.

    Size is personal, I like a large wallet because I want everything in one place, all cards, ID, money, checkbook, etc.
    Same with bags, some people like small bags, I prefer large.
  8. I only switch wallets when I carry my small sabrina. I have a small madison wallet to match. But really, I switch more because the small sabrina doesn't have as much room for my large checkbook wallet.
  9. I have one wallet a poppy zip around in pink and gold. It goes in all my bags with my 3 other non matching wristlets. I would love to match things but I can't put my money towards wallets and wristlets knowing that it means I could of put that money towards another bag.
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    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    I think I love wallets as much as Handbags!!! LOL I switch my wallets every so often. Most fellow Coachies have one or two wallets that they use. (personal preference) I know some Coachies use mini skinnys and/or wristlets instead of wallets. I think the Bronze Zoe Ziparound is very nice!!! Maybe you also want to look at a smaller wallet for your bags where the Zoe is a litlle too big!! I know the outlets usually have some great deals on wallets. I have both Coach and non Coach wallets that I use.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. You're definitely not alone in not wanting to switch wallets. I have two wallets that work with all of my bags. They are both zip around wallets but they are from different lines (one Waverly and one Gramercy) so they are basically the same wallet, just different colors. That way, it's easy to switch them because everything goes in the same place. However, I still don't change them that often.

  12. I love wallets too! Love the leather, the little compartments & pockets. I prefer larger wallets because they carry everything in one place, but also because they don't get lost as easily. I once had a small wallet drop out of my purse and I didn't even notice it until later. Luckily I found it out front by the car.

    While wallets can be expensive, there's a lot of work that goes into them. One of the SAs explained to me that something like 60 different steps goes into making a large Madison wallet.
    Hence the $200 price...
  13. I ♥ wallets!! I like the big ones and small ones.. I feel complete when I use the big wallets!!
  14. I love wallets also, but it is a pain to switch everything every time I switch purses, so I usually try and use the next bag that will match the wallet I am using. Sometimes one just has to buy a new wallet to match a few bags. Right now I am trying to find the cobalt in a reg size wallet.
  15. i love wallets (medium sized esp) but i tend to use one til i nearly kill it and look for another one.