Wallet Question

  1. Hi. First I'd like to say I am new to this forum, I just signed up lookin to do some research because I'm shopping for my girlfriend. I wanted to get her a wallet as a gift, inparticular this one


    (or perhaps something similar)
    And I was wondering if there are any places to buy it for cheaper rather than retail price yet can still be confident in the authenticity of the product.

    Also, how do I search , I can't seem to find a search function, Would you mind sharing some of the online sites that can be trusted?

    Thanks in advance! :yahoo:

  2. Thanks for the response. I could only find one wallet on Bluefly. Any other suggestions - other than NM, and Saks - would be greatly appreciated?
  3. That is pretty and very classic. I dunno about finding it new anywheres...I'd check the outlets though, maybe they've got something similar.
  4. That is a very pretty wallet, im sure your GF will love it. If you can't find it... just pay full price... lolz - making her happy is worth it!!! :heart:
  5. Yes I may just end up paying retail but wanted to view what other options there were. Do any of you know of any "similar" wallets from previous seasons that may be found at a better price. I'm not dead set on this particular one although it did really catch my eye.

    Also, they have a small version and a longer version ? What do you ladies think?

    Thanks for all the help thus far!

  6. Anyone? any other similar looking wallets? or personal suggestions are welcomed as well!

    Thanks :smile: