wallet question :]

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  1. anybody have the MC porte-monnaie billets viennois wallet? if so, could i see what the inside looks like?
  2. just like this...
    inside i.jpg
  3. Room for everything!
  4. not a fan of this wallet. I like the PTI better.
  5. Monogram one was my very first wallet when I was 17.
  6. I just bought this wallet...its small inside. I need to fold my money in half, and I can barely fit any cards inside.

    If you want me to take pics of how it looks with "stuff" in it. Just let me know. I like my porte tresor MUCH better.
  7. oo thanks for the info :yes:
  8. Are you sure you're talking about the same wallet?
    The french wallet, I tried in the store and it does fit bills without folding.

  9. No..same one. they barely fit in there... and if you compare it to the Porte Tresor.. you will see exactly what I am talking about.

    I still like the wallet, but I will never make it my main wallet...its just too small. The Porte Tresor is much better in my opinion.