wallet question

  1. So my question is...I just recently got a vernis framboise zippy wallet and I:heart: it so much that I want to get a pomme wallet. First of all, is that dumb to have 2 wallets? For those of you that do, how do you do it...do you change daily, weekly or when?? My 2nd question is...do I get the zippy again or maybe the french purse?? TIA
  2. i'd get a french purse...I wouldn't buy the same style wallet.
  3. Yes, I would get the french purse too. Just to switch things up a bit.
  4. I'd get a French purse.
  5. Yup, I agree with the others. :yes:

    Get the French Purse .... something different. :love:
  6. There's always room for more than one wallet. I find it too difficult for me to switch out a lot. Maybe once a season. I would get the french purse for sure. I think it's really versatile!
  7. I just got the french purse, so I'm a bit biased. My only issue is that its hard to slip a card in one of the slots and that scratches against the leather. But hopefully it will loosen with time. It's great if you have any documents because the cash pocket is the size of the whole wallet unfolded.
  8. I would get the french purse too. Just for a little variety.... I don't think that I would want two vernis wallets in the exact same style.
  9. IMHO, I dont like the French Purse........Id get the PTI
  10. I have three Koala wallets (pomme vernis, damier azur, white MC) and I just switch them out every few months. It makes your old wallet seem new again when you change it!
  11. I have two portemonnaie plats in black and white mc and a cerises wallet I forget the name of, sort of a billfold? Today I got the dentelle ludlow so --- I don't think 2 wallets is too much (ummm lol) but I'd get different wallets or different designs. I rotate them sometimes weekly, sometimes I use one for half a year, or I change the wallet for vacation or going out... whatever "floats my boat" lol :smile: So if you love both colors, I'd get them but in a different style.
  12. yes, porte tresor is better IMO.
  13. I think it is nice to have the same wallet in 2 or more canvas'!!! I have the same wallets in Mono and Damier!!!
  14. I think having more than wallet is fine. I only have one LV wallet but would love a second in pomme.
  15. i recently bought my framboise zippy too!!! isn't it the best wallet?!!!:love: :p :heart:

    i have total of 9 LV wallets....i know i am crazy.....but this zippy is the best one ever....! i would get cles or key holder....or maybe in agenda in Pomme instead of wallet, at least your have both colors that you can use at the same time!!!

    i don't like to switch wallet so often, so rest of the wallets are in the closet....and i keep wanting more and more! plus now that i have zippy - it is hard to downsize from it, you know....;)