Wallet Prices in Paris vs. US

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  1. Hi everyone, I am heading to Paris in a month & I would like some help. I am thinking about buying some accessories (mainly a kelly wallet, agenda) in Paris. Before I do though I would like to ask is it still cheaper to buy H in Paris now? or is the US cheaper for me since my dollar is so weak now?

    does anyone know the price of the kelly walllet in france? I have the US price.

    Thanks everyone
  2. I'm fairly sure that at the moment it's cheaper to buy in the US because of the strength of the euro, it's the same for us.....anything bought in Europe is pricey because the pound is weak against the euro
  3. Can I ask you how much the Kelly wallet is in US?
  4. IIRC, someone posted that it is currently $2,400 w/o taxes.
  5. Pyrexia Thank you
  6. You're welcome :upsidedown: Glad I could be of help!
  7. If it helps, the Kelly wallet in chevre in the UK is £1270. Also, I was looking at an Evelyne PM 2 last week in France which was EUR1340, about the same as in the UK, I think, but maybe just a little more....

    Thing is, if you find what you want, you just have to have it anyway!

  8. True, if you find what you want, you'd better get it when you see it. Hermes stores don't showcase much of what they have, and it's almost up to the customer to go to the store and ask the associate to start digging around. When it's there, grab it, because it probably won't be later on.

  9. the basic bearn starts at $ 1750 + tax
  10. I am not sure about wallets...

    Clutch (e.g. Kelly Longue, Medor) prices are a few hundred dollars less in Paris than the US with tax considered (add 7.5% or so for in-store purchases in US depending on location, deduct 10% VAT in Paris)...
  11. I bought my bearn bi-fold at EUR1,340 and bearn trifold at EUR1,460 in Paris last month...
  12. Does anyone have the price for any of the Dogan wallets? My heart keeps pounding for one :smile: