wallet preference

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what is ur wallet preference

  1. checque book

  2. compact clutch

  3. wristlet

  4. other

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  1. what do u prefer?
  2. I prefer my bill flat with slots for my credit cards and receipts. I keep my change in a little change purse and don't carry my check book around (that's why we have debit cards).
  3. Wristlets any day!
  4. clutch wallet
  5. ive been using my coach wristlet, so i chose that! They are durable and so cute, and cheaper then a designer wallet haha :p
  6. I rarely write checks so I prefer the compact clutch. A wristlet is very handy but for everyday I prefer having the card slots in a wallet so I can find things easily without having to pull out a whole pile and shuffle through them like a Vegas dealer.
  7. I like wristlets because I can always throw a lipstick and my cell phone in it and run a quick errand if I need to. Cash/cards/id don't take up any room...and I can get a small gel pen inside mine.

    Plus, they usually aren't quite the cost of a good wallet so if I have an ink/gloss disaster I just replace the wristlet and the inside of my bag (so far!) is safe.