wallet- pomme or dentelle or mono?


pomme, dentelle, or mono wallet

  1. pomme

  2. dentelle

  3. mono

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  1. i'm contemplating a wallet- which do you prefer? i have all mono bags and one damier bag. thanks!
  2. pomme - such a hot color! i think it would be a great compliment to both mono and damier.
  3. i would go for the pomme..i have a pomme ludlow and it's amazing. i often take it out of its dustbag just to look at it. :love:
  4. One more vote for Pomme!
  5. 1. pomme
    2. mono

    no votes for dentelle...
  6. thanks- anyone have any color transfer issues w/the pomme?
  7. also, thanks for answering the poll! :smile:
  8. I vote pomme!
  9. not yet, haven't gotten to use it that much (just got it week or so ago). what i do is i keep the wallet in its dustbag while inside my purse, just to prevent things like pen ink, makeup, etc from getting on it.
  10. ddntelle
    nice twist on the mono, which will always be in style
  11. I would LVOE to own something.....anything in Dentelle !!!!!!
  12. pomme
  13. wells, I'm gona confuse ya now.
    Depending on size/style, dentelle ludlow, pomme pochette/zippy, mono eugeine :smile:
  14. 1. Mono
    2. Pomme
    3. Dentelle
  15. If you want something unique and delicious - Pomme

    If you want something that's low maintenance - Mono