wallet poll for my friend!

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which wallet would you choose if you could have just one?

  1. zippy

  2. sarah

  3. iris

  4. elysee

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. hey everyone! well, my best friend asked me to post a poll. one of these days she will join tpf, but for now i told her i was sure you guys would help out. so, here goes. she is trying to decide between the following wallets: zippy, sarah, iris and elysee. i think she is thinking about enjoyment of use, without regard to price so much because i know there is a pretty big range here. can you help us out? thanks!
  2. zippy is my favorite....
  3. zippy.. i think is the best LV wallet and love the zipper i feel as my things are more secure..my second best is the sarah wallet..
  4. I have a zippy organizer which is the largest wallet LV has and I LOVE it...
    I would never have another style wallet..
  5. i think i was too slow posting the poll, would you guys mind going back and voting? thank you!
  6. :tup:
  7. i might as well chime in too! my favorite is all things zippy!
  8. thank you flowers. i was slow on the poll. if you have time could you go back and vote . i am going to call her later with results. you guys are the best : )
  9. thanks everyone. she is going to lv later today so hoping we can get some good input for her : )

  10. I voted - thanks!!
  11. I would go with sara I love that one and I have a lot of Cards so that one is the plus out of the choices above :smile:.
  12. Zippy!
  13. +1
  14. thanks everyone, your valuable input has been sent to my friend and she is most appreciative. we all know that deer in the headlights look that we can get the moment we enter the boutique right? this way she had a little guidance. thanks again : )
  15. just got a text from my friend. she got a sarah and a mono eva. aren't we all the best enablers ever? thanks everyone!