Wallet peace....

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  1. Does it exist?
    How do you get to wallet peace ?
  2. I only have two wallets at a time: a long wallet (which I use mostly for travel) and a card holder (which I use on a daily basis). I only buy a new wallet once the one I own is worn out or damaged. I think I found wallet peace.
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  3. Moving cards between wallets is a pain, I wouldn't do it often enough to justify owning several. My daily wallet is an LV pocket organizer and for my ski trip I switched to an older Coach zipped card holder.
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    I have two Balenciaga wallets I use, a continental and a smaller folded one. I agree that changing cards etc. out of a wallet is a pain so I rarely do it. ETA I also carry a card holder no matter what wallet I use.
  5. I have wallet peace with my LV mono Emilie. When needing a smaller wallet for going out, I wear my LV epi cles.
  6. Yep. Most wallets drive me crazy so I found one I love. Chanel Yen wallet. If it won’t fit in a bag, I’ll use my LV amarante cles but I really like a big organized wallet. Both of these have an outside pocket for easy access to my debit card.
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  7. The only proper wallet I own is an RFID-blocking travel wallet, which is far too large to use every day. Instead, I keep ID and a credit card in the built-in wallet-ish space on the back of my phone case. The rest of my cards and any cash I might carry are either in my key holder or in the card slots in my Montebello. Pretty peaceful.
  8. I discovered wallet peace when I purchased my LV Clemence wallet.
  9. I only have two main compact wallets ( Gucci marmont and LV Rosalie) and I can say I have wallet peace. SLG peace on the other hand, that’s a whole different story. I have cardholders and key holders and pouches etc. I’m good for now, though. Hope it stays that way.
  10. I go back and forth constantly between my compact and full size wallets ugh
    It gets annoying - like girl just make up your mind lol.
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  11. Yes, it's basically a Goldilocks quest. It can't be too big or too small, or too loud to too plain. My Celine medium strap wallet fits the bill perfectly for me. I have it in two colors, and haven't craved another wallet in years.
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  12. Well, I think I have wallet peace. I own abt 20 wallets, card holders and cases. I switch every couple of weeks and I'm going to sell a bunch of SLG as soon as I get the chaos of moving houses out of the way. All Longchamp is going. I'll be left with a good selection of different kinds of wallets etc, enough to keep me interested but free of excess.
    Right now I'm rocking a Lumi Sylvi slim continental wallet which is so buttery soft and lovely to carry.