Wallet Owners...Your Advice, Please!

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  1. I've been obsessively trying to track down a bright-coloured Compagnon...something about the idea of the all-around zipper is hugely appealing to me in terms of security, etc. But looking at the configuration of the Money wallet, I'm now wondering if that style holds more? I stuff my wallet (receipts, abnormal amount of plastic) Any opinions, insight will be very much appreciated. TIA!
  2. The large compagnon is HUGE - i am a stuffer too - but opt for the motorcycle - my fob fell off my whistle (?)
  3. hmm... I have the mini-compagnon in violet and find that it's perfect for my needs. I don't carry a lot of plastic (most is safely hidden away at home), but I do carry a lot of crap-receipts, change etc. I love this style because it's also just big enough for my cell phone and lip gloss-perfect for a night out:smile:

    i think the large compagnon could be perefect for you. I haven't seen the money style IRL. Can you get to a store and test them out?
  4. No, damnit...I'm in Toronto and there's a dearth of Bal accessories. I'm trying to figure this out "virtually" and it's a bit difficult. It LOOKS to me like the large Compagnon (moto) probably holds more...and snaps worry me with my over-stuffing habit (I'd rather bust the zipper!! :p), but the money looks fairly roomy too. Thanks for your input...we both apparently have the receipt habit which is a pain-in-the butt to both HAVE and to BREAK!
  5. ^^ :roflmfao: I am sorry this happened to you....but work with me here....that's sounds positively painful!!!

    Seriously...can you take it back and have it sent to Bal for repair or did you lose the fob? Even so, they should be able and willing to replace it.
  6. The money has a few slots for receipts. I only find it stuffed looking when there are too many coins in the coin compartment. Can you order both and return what doesn't work?
  7. Unfortunately, no. Canada Customs is a B$$#! to deal with on a good day, but when dealing with returns and trying to get the $$ spent on duty, etc. back when you return merchandise....trust me, I'd rather chew on tinfoil! But thanks for the suggestion - I would do exactly that if I could!
  8. I have the money wallet and it has so much slots and space, and in the middle lots of room for receipts and it closes without problems. A really great wallet and so stylish, I can fully recommend it! It snaps shut and because of the flap the inside is protected. The slots and coin department is IMO better arranged than with the compagnon.
  9. I've been thinking about getting a wallet as well. Does anyone have more than one type that they could take comparison pics of? It would be most helpful.
  10. ^^^Many thanks SouthofFrance! That's my main concern with the Money - configuration of slots, etc overstuffing (as always!!) and then the snap not snapping!! But I'll take another look at it thanks to you! :flowers:
  11. LOL!! I hear your pain. I'm in Montreal and experience the same issue ;) Maybe I can help a bit with my experience. I own a mini-compagnon and am very satisfied with it. I really enjoy a zip around wallet though. I'm also a receipt accumulator :shame: and I find the mini-c can hold quite a bit although never as much as the compagnon that's for certain! That makes me happy though 'cause it helps keep me in check. As far as plastic goes I have a regular amount and it all fits in there - but - I do put two cards per slot and it works for me. The compagnon on the other hand can accommodate a lot of cards. Also, I have no children so I carry much less than a mommy would, if I were a mommy the mini-c would definitely be too small and I would be going the compagnon route.

    Something you need to consider as well when choosing a wallet is the size of your most frequently used bags. For example if you're a First girl you might find the compagnon taking all the space in your bag and a mini-c would be a better choice. If you own more of the bigger bags like Day and City or Work, then the regular compagnon would be ideal in my opinion as it will best answer your needs.

    I've attached a few pics of my mini-c with all my stuff in it - hope it hepls!

    Apart from the money ($$bills$$) compartment which is very deep and has lots of space to stuff receipts in :shame:... the mini-c has:
    - Left side: 1 change compartment and 2 slide in compartments.
    - Right side has: 2 slide-in compartments and 5 card slots.
    - Measurements: 5¼" wide x 4¾" high x 1" thick

    When I first bought my mini-c I was worried it wouldn't fit all of my stuff but finally it does so wonderfully with space to spare! :tup:
    It's also a great size to handle.

    Best of Luck in your decision!
    comparison2.jpg perfect size.jpg thickness.jpg open mini-c.JPG
  12. Pics of the inside:

    #1 : bills compartment
    #2+#3 : left side
    #4 : right side
    bills.jpg left side.JPG left side2.jpg right side.jpg
  13. Wow, great pics! i have the same wallet and i love it:smile: I actually turned mine into a psuedo wristlet with the help of my extra ink tassel.
  14. Hmmm... that sounds like a gr8 idea!! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  15. what's the difference between this wallet and the portefeuille wallet?
    is it that the latter has a mirror?
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