Wallet Owners Please Help Me Decide On Hardware!!


what kind of harware should i get on my new wallet?

  1. regular hardware

  2. giant silver hardware

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  1. hello all! i want to purchase a companion wallet but i'm undecided on hardware. i love the silver hardware on my new matelasse sooo much, but i have other bags with regular hardware. would the GSH on the wallet "get in the way" of things (does the hardware get "caught" on stuff?) help me decide opinions appreciated!!

    p.s. i don't own a bal wallet yet, this will be my first.
  2. Dependso n the colour... some look good with GH but i'd say RH in general!
  3. I have a Magenta SGH portfeille? Cant remember the exact name, but not the large one. It's super cute and the hardware does not get in the way or catch on anything
  4. I agree with daphodill84 that it depends on the color - some colors I really love the GH, but others I definitely prefer the RH.
  5. i'm leaning toward magenta (of course) :tup:
  6. After seeing the GH IRL.. I prefer the RH. "There's too much going on", and I normally like GH on bBags too. ;)
  7. i have a blue india wallet, RH and i love it so much. it's light weight, holds everything i ask her too. i have a coin purse to put big stuffs and not to overfeed this little beauty. there are three cards slot inside, and a zip compartment which can hold more cards or coins, this wallet even has a mirror, isn't that great! here are some pictures. :heart::love:
    IMG_2076.JPG IMG_2080.JPG
  8. I think RH on the wallet, GH just seems...well, too giant!!

  9. that's beautiful! :drool: there are so many styles, it is hard to choose. i thought the larger companion would fit all of the things i need, but i hope it is not too large. i'm kinda small, and i don't know if the money would be too small for my needs,....anybody have comparison pics of the money and the larger companion??
  10. I have a black money wallet with RH. I definitely say go with RH- the wallets are smaller and I think GH is too much going on, as oogie already said.

  11. ^^So cute! What is that wallet called?
  12. it's called portefeuille. and it's half the size of the compagnon. i thought it was too small at first but when i fit my french id card in it, i realized that it wasn't that small.
    but of course, you gotta have a coin purse to put all the paper cards, bills, and every thick items. i don't mind that, just keep the essentials in my wallet, like id card, visa cards, and health insurance card.;)
  13. yes you've got many styles, you can go the balenciaga clubhouse "money club" to see the difference between each style. i love this size because i don't like big wallets. the other styles are beautiful too, the money is nice, and has several card holders, the compagnon is nice too but i don't like the zip system all around it, that's very personal. the mini compagnon is half the size of a regular compagnon, the money is a little smaller than the compagnon, but the difference is not that obvious.
    i saw a 08 magenta money at the printemps haussmann shop and found it stunning. if i was looking for a bigger wallet, i would have bought it right away.:tup:
  14. I'm more a fan of the RH ... I always thought GH would get in the way. I have a SGH coin purse on the way though, so I'll see if that changes my mind!
  15. I have both a Black Hobo & a day bag, both with GSH. I purchased a black coin purse a few weeks ago with RH, and before I even got it home, it looked very bland, and I knew I made a mistake in not getting the GH. I am going to sell the RH black coin purse, (never used), and just purchased one with GSH.

    I think the GH looks great on the accessories.....