Wallet or Sunglasses!?

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  1. Hello there fellow LV fanatics!

    I got my first LV wallet about two years ago, and I LOVE IT! It has held up really well and I use it every day! But I am thinking I would really like something that holds coins and a couple more credit card slots.. I would also like something that could hold more receipts/bills without feeling bulky. It's also really hard to take cash out of the 6 credit card one which I have.. I am also worried that a wallet with coins might wear easily.. But let me know what you guys think..

    I am also looking at some of the men's sunglasses and they are really cool! I can't decide if I should buy a new wallet or get a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses.. I don't have a pair of sunglasses that I love so I am thinking this may be the better option - but then again I use my wallet more! I am contemplating between the posession carre and the impulsion ones..

    Please help me decide!!!!:hrmm:
  2. Wallet now, sunglasses after you have given them some thought.
  3. Wallet, then sunglasses :smile: There are some fabulous, functional wallets out there - my favorite for size, holding cash, receipts, change, etc is the PTI. (Porte Tresor International) - I am sure others will chime in too, so you should get a few ideas -- or head to a boutique and let the SA know what you are looking for in a wallet and they could pull a few out for you -- then you will need to decide: Mono, Damier, Vernis, Epi --the list goes on! Good luck :smile:
  4. Here is the wallet I have now..


    The other nice thing is that it has it's own pocket in my bag!

  5. wallet!!! and i suggest the zippy wallet
  6. I'd say a new wallet!! ^ ITA
  7. Thanks everyone for you help!! I think I am gonna get a new wallet. Now to decide what kind! I really like the new macassar long wallet but $700 seems pretty steep for any wallet! Maybe the brazza? I like the zippy but I think it might be a little bit to feminine.
  8. wallet definitely
  9. The Brazza in Damier Graphite looks very nice.
  10. After you get your wallet, you should definitely look into the LV sunglasses. They are VERY nice, well made, and wear very comfortably :tup:
  11. I agree - Brazza in Damier Graphite!!
  12. always nice to have another wallet to rotate dun u think so?
  13. Wallet for sure
  14. got the BRAZZA about a year ago - it's just great! enough room for cards, receits, papers...the only weak point in my opinion is the coin compartement: though it's very big, it's sometimes difficult to get the coins out...

    and it's not a bit feminine! even not in monogram!
  15. get a new wallet first, then sunglasses later.