Wallet or no wallet???!!!

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  1. This is going to be my very first LV purchase and I decided to go for Mono Speedy 35 and Eva clutch. Since it's going to be my first, Is it important for me to get a matching wallet (i'm thinking of pochette wallet)? But for the price of the wallet I could get another bag (Damier Papillon 26) instead and besides I've seen alot of good imitation everywhere for cheaper price. Does anybody have the same dilemma? What do you think?
  2. First of all, congrats! Both are fab choices. You don't have to get a matching wallet now IMO, they can always be bought later down the track. Secondly, you wrote you've seen a lot of good imitation everywhere for cheaper price. I would not even consider an "imitation" no matter how "good" they are. The quality and workmanship won't be there and probably won't even last the distance. I'd purchase another quality wallet from another brand that isn't necessarily as pricey as a LV wallet.

    Good luck :tup:
  3. Hello! Welcome! Fabulous bag choices, and NO you do not need a matching wallet. Never ever consider imitation, but definitely consider a cheaper alternative if you want! There are some gorgeous wallets out there that don't cost the price of a bag (a bag is always worth spending more in my opinion...).
  4. I love the Eva! I think Pochette is a good choice if you want a wallet, but if you'd get more excited about a bag then get the bag! It's probably best to go into the store and decide then and there, because then you'll know right away what your heart desires ;)

    Let us know what you decide!
  5. you might not belong here, darling. do your research, then tell us what you really think.
  6. Matching everything isn't that nice (for me anyway). Get something bright you can pull out to cheer you up. Nothing fake though. Something original.
  7. if you are concerned about spending that much on a wallet, try ebay or let-trade.com but do not do imitation:sick:
  8. Hi use a wallet of your choosing but do not buy a fake anything. Especially if you have an authentic purse pulling ouy a fake wallet is tacky. I have a snap wallet it is small I believe its 505$ right now. I use it everyday and I love pulling it out. So to me it was worth it.

  9. Oooops Sorry I didn't mean to get an imititation. What I meant was I've seen a lot of imitation that I feel guilty spending a lot of money for a wallet. Come on guys..."Imitation is only for people who can't afford." If I can spend a lot of money for purses why do I need to get an imitation:nogood:. And besides, I already have some wallets from all sizes but not LV. I'm just asking if I get the LV purse should I get a matching wallet to look more fabulous or get another purse to be more fabulous.:wlae:
  10. I have had the question about a wallet or not. I am now carrying LV most days, I am going to take the plunge. I was looking at the zippy - in mono it is only 300. Otherwise, I get leather Coach wallets - they are nice and are much cheaper (especially from the outlets!)
  11. ick don't get a fake....you can use whatever wallet you want!! I use a marc jacobs zip clutch with all of my bags, no matter what I carry!!
  12. You don't have to, but it's good to have at least one LV wallet in your collection. I fully understand that with $500 you can buy a smaller LV bag. But workmanship and craftsmanship is key here when spending a lot on an LV wallet. You get a beautiful wallet, whereas at the same time, it'll be strong and durable, and it'll last forever.

    I totally think you should get at least one wallet. The Pochette wallet is good enough for everyday use. If not, you can try other brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs and Coach. A lot of their wallets are under $200 and are pretty good for their price. Up to you though. Best of luck.
  13. I love wallets! All kinds, LV, non LV; wallets are boss; they pull a bag together, though a lot of people don't use them, I love them as clutches too. Very detailed that's why they've always been expensive... At this point, I'd love a Guccisima....
  14. Since it's your first LV purchase, I think I would stay on your course right now and get the Speedy and the Eva. Later, add the LV wallet. I purchased 5 LV's before I bought my mono zippy wallet. Now that I have that wallet -- I don't know why I waited so long! In some ways my zippy wallet is my very favorite LV piece that I own. But I can understand the yearning for acquiring more BAGS first!