Wallet or accessory idea?

  1. Soo, I ordered my Cabas Mezzo last week (should get here Thurs!!!) and I am very excited...but I have realized that the LV addiction is already starting...(not gooood!!!)

    Ages ago I had a problem w/ elux customer service, so they sent me a free $50 certificate. I haven't used it, so I figured I'd just use it towards something new- LV. I figured it's good to use it on a smaller item- like a wallet- because $50 off a $1200 seems pointless, but $50 off a much cheaper item might make me at least feel like a saved a bit....lol

    Plus, I can't afford another super-expensive LV bag at the moment. So, any suggestions on a first-time wallet or accessory?
  2. I suggest a Ludlow wallet or a Cles in either Vernis or Suhali.
  3. cles or wapity!
  4. I second a cles! $50 off of something less than $200 would make me feel good, lol! =) Though a wallet would be nice to match your bag!! I'd say a pochette wallet or koala is nice!
  5. Maybe a cles?
  6. i like the french wallet because it has a timeless look to it
  7. Get a wallet!! You're lucky they gave you the certificate....I had a problem and they didn't offer me anything except free shipping back.
  8. Another vote for the zippy coin purse - it's cute and so roomy!
  9. Wow, you all gave such great ideas! It's between the cles or the new zippy coin purse- I REALLY LIKE IT!. Does anyone know if/ when it will be available on elux? If it's too far away then I will just go ahead and choose something else.

    Thanks for all the suggestions! :smile:
  10. Ya, well next time (hopefully there won't be another bad experience for you) but if there is, demand some sort of reimbursement other than free shipping- I got both! I think it was largely because it was my first LV/Elux purchase, and the man on the phone said he didn't want me to remember the experience in such a way, so he emailed me a gift certificate number.