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  1. just wondering, when it comes to an everyday wallet, if you think its a good idea to go designer/luxury or not? i need an everyday compact wallet and use something super cheap right now. i mainly buy chanel bags but wonder if a pricey wallet is really *that* much better and will hold up longer than something less expensive? maybe spend the money on lux bags and not wallets? opinions?
  2. I would say if you only had the money for one, I'd get the bag first and the wallet next. Wallets aren't really "seen", really except by you. I love my one luxury wallet, but I have three luxury bags. So yeah that's where my priorities are haha. ;) Maybe just get one luxury wallet? Is there something in particular you're eyeing?
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  3. An expensive wallet won't necessarily hold up better. Depends on what type of leather. I have a Prada wallet in deerskin. The soft deerskin doesn't hold up as well as saffiano leather. The Prada wallet shows more wear than my Michael Kors wallet but I wanted that Prada wallet because it was beautiful and it's still good, just not like-new. I don't know what you mean by super cheap. But the MK wallet I got I think at Off 5th for under $100.
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  4. I only have one luxury wallet (LV) and, I have a few contemporary brand wallets (MK). Honestly, my LV hasn't held up any better or worse then the others. If you want a luxury wallet or have a particular one in mind to purchase, I would do so! Otherwise save the money for a different luxury purchase :smile:
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