Wallet on chain!

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  1. Got this cutie from Heathrow yesterday for 340 pounds!

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  2. Congratulations, that's a fabulous and practical little WOC
  3. Thanks paper tiger will always remember you when I first bought my Gucci Bag😊 You helped me out so much!
  4. :hugs:
  5. I love it! How long is the strap?
  6. It's beautiful!
  7. Beautiful. Mod photos please🤗
  8. Wow I am so in love with this!

    I second the mod shots :smile:
  9. Love!

  10. Will do the mod shots soon! Thanks all!
  11. Omg. That's so cute. Congrats!
  12. classic! :biggrin: Love it!
  13. Love it! Can't wait to see mod shots too ;)