Wallet on Chain (the large one) with no authenticity card

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  1. Hello!

    I just purchased the Wallet on Chain (the large one) from a YSL store in Paris and it did not come with a authenticity card. Is this normal? I just emailed YSL Customer Service, they replied and asked which store I purchased it from.

    Thank you!
  2. I recently purchased a small WOC from the Avenue Montaigne store and it had an authenticity card. Which store did you purchase from?
  3. Thanks for your response!

    Really? Crap! I purchased it from the SAINT-SULPICE location near St. Germain. I'm still waiting for customer service to reply..
  4. If you are still in Paris I would bring the bag into the store with your receipt and explain you didn't receive the card.
  5. My WOC (also a large one) came with authenticity card and care booklet in a little signature paper Saint Laurent envelope. I bought it online from the store. Hope customer service gets back to you soon, they really should..
  6. Unfortunately, I am home now :sad: I didn't check until I left.
  7. Thanks for letting me know! I just emailed them to follow up.
  8. YSL customer service emailed me back and said "To answer your original question, our handbags no longer come with an authenticity card, as they were being duplicated and included in counterfeit merchandise."

    Not sure why they asked me which store I purchased it from then..
  9. That's interesting. I guess what I referred to as the auth. card is the paper envelope containing the care booklet and a little care card, so not à la Chanel auth. card as such.
  10. Yeah I didn't get that either lol. Oh well.
  11. Yeah I didn't get that either lol. Oh well.
  12. I also just bought a bag from an authorised retailer and then got no authenticity card or care booklet. Just the small leather sample. Super disappointed and I feel like I will need this if I ever want to sell it