wallet on a chain

  1. I wanted a new wallet but cant decide if this is a good choice does anyone have one that can give me info thanks
  2. I was told by my SA that there are some out there with chains that are detechable, I didn't ask her which ones though. I personally don't think it's a good choice for everyday with the chain in the way. But if you got the detechable chain, then it would be perfect!
  3. I would LOVE to know which has the detachable chain!!!
    I just bought one but it is still in the box in my closet because I am still FREAKING out and wondering if I should keep it or return...on one hand it's genius- a wallet that fits in all my bags that I can take out & carry when I can't carry a bag, carry cross-body or double the chain and voila it's an evening bag....on the other hand...1350 is a lot of dough for a wallet!!!! Why does it have to be so darn $$$
    But now I have been looking for something similar and can't find anything else. I really really love it, I just wish I would have some $ left over to put IN it!!!!!!!;)
  4. I have been looking at one too. I love everything about it like you said. Also agree on the darn $$$$$ price! Though the classic caviar one is "only" $1150". I came so close to buying the Dark Silver for $1340, but couldn't stop thinking to myself, for $55 more, I can get a E/W flap!!!! Why are they soooo expensive?!?!?!

  5. I guess its so expensive because it does have a lot of detail. Maybe also they were thinking that lots of people would buy them instead of evening bags if they made them cheaper??? I dunno. I kind of feel like it's the perfect piece BUT I soooo wish I was working right now (stay at home mom!) so I could feel like that price wasn't such a big deal! I have been selling purses on eBay like crazy trying to raise the $ so I can justify keeping it. If hubby finds out how much that thing costs he will:cursing:!!!
  6. Hi, I've got the dark silver wallet on chain. It's really pretty but not really an everyday bag. I've only taken it out of the box twice. I can only fit my cellphone & keys inside... And it's a bit inconvenient to use it as a wallet to be placed inside ur handbag cos the chain adds to the weight and gets in the way.
  7. I have the wallet on a chain
    i rearely use it- i nought it like 5 years agao for like 895 or 995
    i dont really like it. i have not sold it yet because my inside pcoket broke and chanel quoted me 110 to repair- which is ridiculous.. so its on my list to get rid of..
    it doest fit much and has to mny inside slouchs that i can never use all of them= no wear to actually keep dollar bills

  8. I wonder if it is different from mine??? Could you post a pic of it? And the inside? Mine is pretty spacious. I can fit my Treo, keys, lipstick and credit cards and money. It seems so practical to me!!! I haven't actually gotten up the nerve to use it yet (because of the price) so I need to decide to keep or return!!!!!!
  9. Hi I think out of the wallets I loked at I like this the best because you can use it other ways so I am picking between the wallet on the chain and the check book wallet ?? still:confused1::confused1: though
  10. I agree it's way overpriced compared to other Chanel styles. My sister has one and loves it, but she only uses it for special events. What I've heard around is that you should be careful not to stuff them, esp. with anything heavy; the chain strap can stretch.
  11. I am cracking up reading these posts because I JUST bought the wallet on a chain last night in Dark Silver on Rodeo Drive. It is GORGEOUS. However - I exchanged it after purchasing the black perforated wallet on a chain that you see in my Avatar.

    I used the perforated one for a couple of days, as a wallet inside my GST, and fell in love with the functionality of it, but not with the weight when used as a wallet. To me it wasn't "amazing enough" to hang onto as an evening bag.

    Now - because the Dark Silver is so ridiculously beautiful, I plan to use it as an evening bag or a running-to-the-mall-don't-want-to-carry-too-much-with-me bag. (I love that it can be a clutch, too.)

    Now my biggest dilemma is this - do I scour the earth trying to find the 2.55 Dark Silver Reissue 227, or stay put with the wallet on a chain and wait for a new color to come out in the spring for my next purchase? (I don't own a flap or reissue yet...I don't want 2 Dark Silver bags...plus I think the 2.55 is a little less "bright" in color?)

    Opinons? :rolleyes:
  12. The wallet chain with the reissue buckle on it looks nice.
    I have one wallet chain that's white and has black piping around it.

    I think you should wait until next season for a flap. Sound like there is lots of colours coming out. I can't wait to see pics.
  13. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Here's pics of my newest addition - Dark Silver wallet on a chain :heart::heart::heart:

  14. Oiviamarie, I have exactly the same wallet on chain! It's totally gorgeous. I got it cos in Singapore Chanel didn't bring in the reissue in dark silver... They only had the light silver & metallic black. I think you should wait for next spring's new colours which sound totally fabulous.

  15. OK, once I finally make up my mind about what to do about the wallet on a chain I think I will feel a zen-like peace!!!!!:nuts:

    I LOVE this little guy but I cannot get over the price to actually take it out of the box and use it.
    I have a black one exactly like the metallic one posted in this thread. They had me at the mme lock!

    So I want to use it as a wallet everyday. Then when I need to run somewhere & don't want to carry a lot I would use the chain etc....
    NOW my issue is this.....is the yummy leather on this going to be sturdy enough to be used everyday???? Opinions????