Wallet on a Chain

  1. I am going on vacation in a couple of weeks and was wondering how does the wallet on a chain accomodate for travel. I am thinking about getting one. Any suggestions on colors.
  2. I purchased it, and than returned it. Its uncomfortable, and hard to get in and out of.
  3. it's a flat flap wallet and the pink ones are on sale at NM right now.
    I really like them personally, you can double the chain and wear it like a little handbag or leave it long and wear it messenger style.
  4. I love this too, but I think it depends on what you're planning on carrying that'll make this either a great choice or a very cumbersome choice.

    If it's just whatever you normally carry in a wallet and an addition lipgloss and a very slim phone then you're good to go.

    I think if you need to carry a compact, multiple lipsticks or anything really than the "bare minimum" then it'll be true that it'll get tricky getting things in and out of it.

    I think the versatility of it being able to be worn messenger style and freeing up yours hands is awesome. If you like pink - getting it on sale would be awesome.

    Alternatively - I think I'd vote for classic black or the dark silver colour that's either out now or will be out very soon!
  5. I have one and love it. It does not hold much at all, but I bought it to take when I travel, for sightseeing etc. At times like this, all I need is 1-2 credit cards, lipgloss, a bit of cash, small reading glasses and cell phone. I can get all that in the wallet on a chain. I wear it messenger style and it's perfect. Lightweight, hands-free. I bought the beige one so it would coordinate with brown or black which is what I wear most. I think you'll be happy with this for traveling purposes.
  6. ITA, it's a perfect little hands free bag. I was thinking about getting this or one of those gucci hip bags for a trip to europe. I tried on the gucci and that basically made the decision a lot easier. I like the beige best.
  7. I personally love that size, and I love white in such a shape. My Saks SA called me last week, the pink one is also on sale, the price is like around $900 or something, sorry I can not remember the exact price.

    For a substitute, I found the Lady Dior pochette functional and also beautiful. Bought it two weeks ago, and I'm loving it. It is very soft and versatile. You can wear it across the body or you can tuck the strap inside the bag and use it as a clutch.


    I know it is not appropriate to post Dior bag here, but can't help share it with you all. Bear with me:sweatdrop: :flowers:
  8. I have one in black and never used it. I love it... but always prefer a small bag (with a messenger style strap) when I want to carry just a few things.

    I'm planning on carrying it for an evening event soon. Unless I reach for an evening bag instead.

    It's the cutest thing though!
  9. I thought about getting a wallet on a chain when I went to Paris last year but I think the classic mini flap works better.
  10. I have it as well in black- and sometimes I love it and sometimes I don't
    It has alot of space for cards, cash and flat things, etc. I have a blackberry- so that does not fit inside. I have a hard time keeping the chains together when I shorten them and when I wear it as a messenger style- its to long and flaps against my legs- which annoys the hell out of me--but thats me with any messenger bag. It is a cute bag, however- at times I regret buying it-
    also when i put all my stuff in- the button always snaps open- Hmm I am carrying to much lol
  11. I have it in black and I think it looks great msnger style. I can carry credit cards, cash, my mobile compact and lipstick / lipgloss. No probs with this bag.
  12. I have one in hot pink. Great to take to movies or places where I don't need to carry checkbook. It has many slots for credit/debit card, zip compartments. I'm tall so I've never had the banging against my legs. As others have said you can wear it across the body, which makes purse snatching harder to do. It's light as a feather; the chain is smaller and lighter. Both hands are free and nothing to dig into the shoulder.
  13. Thanks everyone for your comments. I am going to get it in the bronze metallic. It will serve the purpose for travel, not for everyday use.