Wallet on a Chain

  1. Anyone out there have the wallet on a chain?:yes:Saw one that belonged to a friend, and I really liked the way it looked. She used it inside a bigger purse as a wallet; then used it as a bag when the occasion called for a smaller purse. Please help.
  2. I love that wallet! I couldn't think of a time I would use it, so I didn't buy it... but I do love that wallet!
  3. i bought a black one that looks like this red one from Bergdorfs, but mine isn't lambskin. i think the leather on mine might be a softer caviar, but i'm not really sure. the great thing about this bag is you can wear it messenger style, double up the straps to make it a pochette, or carry it as a clutch. i don't use it as an everyday bag since i carry too much junk w/ me, but it's great for a going out purse when i just carry a license, atm/credit card, cell phone, compact and lipstick/gloss. i've seen wallet on a chains in the chanel boutique and bloomingdales in south coast plaza (costa mesa, calif.). both stores had them in black and beige, but not in the style that's pictured. the ones i saw were caviar leather, unquilted and had large stitched c's on the front, instead of the small metal c's.
  4. I think my Saks has one in pink caviar.
  5. i have a black caviar one with gold chain.
    I never thought of using it as a waller inside another bag..the chain is to long .. and it is quite big
    i use it at ball games and stuff
  6. That wallet is TDF!!!!!!!
  7. My sister has one in caviar leather, "blush" color which is a very pale pink. she just uses it for evening going out when she won't be carrying much. I've heard that if you overload them the chain strap will stretch, but how can it when it's partly metal? Anyway, she loves hers.