Wallet on a Chain (Real life pics)

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  1. I wanted to be sure to post the photos of the wallet on a chain. I got it a couple of days ago. I also snapped a side by side shot of the wallet on a chain compared to the traditional wallet. Hope this helps. I love some of the other styles I've seen here in the forum. :yes: I may be a new fan of WoCs. :tup:



    Comparison of Wallet on a Chain to traditional wallet

    Idea of compartment

    Another compartment

    Price and style number
  2. So cute!
    I want one!
    Do you have any modeling pics?
  3. am drooling right now ... its exactly what i need ... now ... i need to get my hands on this money!
  4. That's so lovely and it can hold a lot by the looks of it! Congratulations!
  5. It's beautiful. I saw one in a new rose color, and it's so pretty. Tiffany, may I ask what your lining is, fabric or leather?
  6. i'm so jealous i could cry.. and scream... and cry some more.
  7. Wow... I never thought I'd be into the wallet on chain -because I'm into larger sized bags, but this makes me seriously consider getting one! Great pics! It's gorgeous, congrats!
  8. i need this!!!!! :love:
  9. Thats the one I bought yesterday at the 2buy2 NM sale! Only they are shipping it to me so I don't have it in my hands yet! I can't wait!!:woohoo:
  10. The lining is leather. :yes:
  11. You will be delighted when it arrives. I purchased this from Neiman Marcus as well. What is 2buy2?
  12. It is really cute. :love:
  13. its so beautiful!!! I think I'd get one in white or something.. instead of a clutch
  14. This is so cute, much cuter than a regular wristlet! :love:
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