Wallet on a chain- colors???

  1. Anyone know what colors will be available this year? I asked the Saks SA and she didn't know!:crybaby:
  2. in caviar or the Reissue ones?
  3. I like the one with the mademoiselle lock- I guess that is the reissue version????
  4. metallic purple and metallic navy for sure
  5. how about those in classic line? Just black?
  6. yesterday my NM has the Reissue in =gold, silver and navy metallic:drool:and the classic caviar version in black and either beige or white, I can't remember now.
    Shannon, my SA said it's by far her most versatile Chanel piece in her own collection.
  7. Those are the three colors I've seen in person (I bought the silver and navy) but I know that the purple exists.

    There WILL be purple, black, fuschia and red (all non-metallic) with the small diamond quilting and camellia closure for Act II. I've already given her my card number and the go ahead on the red when it comes in but my SA will be holding the fuschia and purple for me to look at and decide on once I've seen them.

    Note: Do keep in mind that while the WoCs are reissues in style, the chain itself is not a reissue chain. It's a silver chain with the interwoven letter. I'd have preferred a reissue chain but it is what it is and I still love mine.

  8. :yes: I just call them Reissue style because they closely resemeble them.
  9. there will also be yellow with the new camilla closures.
  10. How much are they please?
  11. $1450
  12. pink, yellow and purple for sure. my SAs called me to ask if i wanted any of them.
  13. I'm having Navy blue WOC now, it's very cute.
  14. Does anyone have photos of the non-metallic purple for Act II? I think I've seen the metallic ones but I can't picture the non-metallics...I apologize if it's been posted somewhere already...if it was, could someone point me to a link? Thanks!
  15. I'm so curious about the camellia closure, patiently waiting for some pics :smile: