Wallet: LV Suhali v Chloe Paddington Wallet

  1. Looking for a christmas pressie for myself! :rolleyes: And I am torn between the LV Suhali brown wallet and the Chloe Paddington wallet. :confused1:

    Price wise, they are about the same, LV cost £355, Chloe at £319. They also have similar measurements.

    I would love to hear your opinions on which I should get. I love the paddy as I think the padlock is SOOOOOOOOOO cute! I don't have a paddington bag, so I would love to add something from the paddy range to my collection.

    The LV on the other hand is a classic and the leather is to die for. I think it is very classy. I know the designs are worlds apart, but I simply can't decide!

    I am still at university and would love to continue using this wallet when I start work next year. I would be working in quite a conservative corporate environment, so wondering if that might sway opinions somewhat.

    If you have any of these 2 wallets, please let me know how they are holding up, durability, convenience etc

    Thanks so much. :flowers:
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  2. Hi muppy!

    Oh my! It's very hard to decide between the two...the LV will look more professional but the Chloe IS so cute (and the leather looks so soft!). I don't actually own the two, but I think LV's may last a little longer only because they're known for their superior craftsmanship (but Chloe has superior craftsmanship, too...so I really don't know!).
  3. although i love the cute small lock on the paddy :P
    but i think the suhali will lasts longer & is more stronger than the paddy.
  4. The paddington is really cute but maybe the LV would hold up better? It is also a little more conservative...if your taste changes in a year or so you would still love it. You prob can't go wrong either way though...I just like the LV a little bit more.
  5. Lv
  6. I love the paddington bags, but I am not a fan of that wallet, that being said, I think that LV wallet is REALLY slick looking. It gets my vote!
  7. I wonder if the lock on the Chloe wallet makes it HEAVY (like the Paddington handbag)...

    Anyway, I :heart: LV, so I'd say go for the Suhali! :love:
  8. Louis Vuitton all the way
  9. LV Suhali! It's classier looking and the suhali leather is SO nice. Another reasoning would be although the mini padlock is cute, I think it might get annoying after awhile in your bag? Wouldn't the padlock risk scratching up the rest of your stuff?
  10. wow, i'm really surprised by the response in favour of LV, given that this is in the "neutral" thread! really gotta see both irl. I guess the quality of the leather may be better for LV..oooh... but the chloe is so tempting.. sigh, i am not helping myself!
  11. I like both but I would probably pick the LV. I would be afraid that the Chloe lock would scratch the other leather accessories I have in my bag (which happened with another wallet with a buckle in the front).
  12. hi! yeah the LV is definitely classier and more timeless.:yes:
  13. I vote for LV too .. I love suhali:love:
  14. LV would get my vote even though I really like the Paddy wallet as well but it looks more classic and for this amount you want to have something which goes with a lot and will be with you for a long time.
  15. LV!

    It's chic simplicity :biggrin: