Wallet .. long overdue gift .. /~(._.")~\ which one???

  1. :sos:


    I've been looking for a LV wallet for my boyfriend.
    I have zero knowledge in men wallet. (0.0005% knowledge in girl's wallets LOL :roflmfao:)

    So, I really need your opinions. :flowers:

    First of all, I like the Taiga, Epi, and Utah lines.
    I have seen only one men wallet in person (I think it was taiga, not sure about the model.:Push: )
    And, I don't really understand the diferences between bookfold, billfold, etc. Which one is good in the terms of usage?

    IF this helps, my bf dresses kinda formal everyday to work(shirt, trouser). He's not a hip type of person.


    I browsed thru LV online store:search: , here are what I pick from the pictures I saw.

    1. Taiga Florin Wallet

    2. Taiga bookfold with 9 credit card slots

    3. Taiga Bills and Credit card holder

    4. Utah 6 cards and bill holder

    5 Epi billfold with 6 credit card slots.

    Sorry that I couldn't find the pictures of the wallets to make it easier for everyone to see and make suggestions. :sad:

    Color: black or brown?


    PS. Utah & Epi have less variaties?? I lonly found a few selections. :wtf:

    If you know great wallets and I missed then, more options are more than welcome. :welcome:
  2. Do I ask too many questions? :crybaby:
  3. i got the Taiga bookfold wallet with 9 slots for my boyfriend. the Florin wallet is a bit big, something like 5" x 4" according to the 866.
    taiga 003.jpg taiga 001.jpg taiga 004.jpg
  4. I got the 6 card and bill holder for my husband in damier, he's VERY picky about wallet size and thickness and he's been happy with it, I'm pretty sure this is the same as the other 6 card billholders that you've got above, it's one of thier popular/basic styles......
  5. Thanks everyone. :flowers:

    If Taiga Florin Wallet is quite big, I won't be getting it. I think.