wallet issue...

  1. i purchased a wallet at Saks during the holiday sales. xmas money was buring a hole in my pocket (my parents had given me my money in cash because i was going out of the country), and i paid cash for the wallet.

    not quite a week ago, my sister noticed the front pocket is missing the zipper pull! not the main zipper used for the larger compartment, but the smaller pocket behind the buckle pockets.

    how do i get a replacement? it isn't terribly noticeable, but i rather have it fixed. however, i do not have my reciept and paid cash which pretty much leaves me in the rain.

    or does it?


    p.s. why aren't the zipper pulls singed down?! the main pull is extremely stable, but still isn't singed down which worries me that this could happen to any pull that isn't completely closed.
  2. can't you just take it into Saks and explain the situation? Will they send it to MJ for repair?
  3. If you take it to Saks, they should help you with the repair process. They'll either reccomend somewhere, or send it to their own repair shop. It might take awhile, but it'll be worth getting your wallet fixed.

    I'm sorry this happened! It's so frustrating when one part of the piece is poorly made! I agree about the zippers!
  4. I think saks can look up the transaction too, esp if you used a credit card to purchase it. If they can't help, then contact MJ via their website or phone and they can schedule a repair for you. I think members here recently did the same thing via MJ and it only took a few weeks.
  5. thanks, guys.

    i paid cash for the wallet and do not have the reciept, so i don't think saks could look up the trans.