wallet is overstuffed

  1. i find no matter what wallet i have it is always over-stuffed looking. i have coach one now w 10 slots (i have one card in each slot) and use a mono clés for my change. i just cant find a wallet that lays nice and flat. does anyone else find their wallets always look full?
  2. took me years to find the perfect one.. I refused to buy one big enought because I thought it would be too big- but I just need it and now I'm so happy and inspired other to buy the same wallet..
    so just go for it- buy a bigger one ;)
  3. I'm ashamed to say that my husband calls my wallet a "George Costanza wallet" (Seinfeld fans will get it). I tend to overstuff it though, with receipts, etc.
  4. :roflmfao: I get it!!!!!!
  5. I get it too! Hilarious! :roflmfao:
  6. I formerly had a George Costanza Wallet the size of a Brick. Then I got my current one and not a single comparison to Costanza can be made anymore. ;)
  7. I used to have that same problem. Now I have 2 wallets, one I keep at home and one I carry with me. I only carry around 3 credit cards with me and leave the rest in the wallet at home. If I need to use a special card, then I simply take it out. And I try to clean out all my receipts at the end of the week.
  8. I used to stuff my wallet full of membership cards and things like that. More than one card per slot. I found it was just ruining my wallet, plus I couldn't ever close the stupid thing. Finally I bought a mini skinny (I have mostly Coach stuff) and put all my business cards and membership cards in there, and my wallet is perfect now. :smile:
  9. What wallet are you using now?
  10. The long LV Epi is very spacious as are the Mulberrys with lots of clever sections - and I speak as a 'cram it all in' kind of girl!
  11. This is exactly what I do. When I tried to carry everything, I would end up having receipts and cards floating around in my bag because I was too lazy to wedge them into my wallet. Now I keep a wallet at home with all my store-specific and gift cards and just take the essentials. I also started keeping receipts that I need to save in a file folder instead of in my wallet.
  12. It's hard to keep a wallet "light" if you have a large coin compartment and tons of CC....i have wallets of varying sizes, and try to never put receipts or business cards in it to weigh it down.
  13. ya i use my mono-clés for coins and extra cards. we have $1 and 2 coins in Canada so there is no way to put all that in a wallet. but we also have to carry government health insurance cards, plus supplemental insurance cards from work, then all the banking and credit cards...it adds up!
  14. LMAO - My dh has a George Costanza wallet!!!! I found a slim IF Carnaby St wallet fits all of my essentials. I leave my odd ball extra cards in a HUGE overflow that I leave at home... if I need a video shop card guaranteed dh has one in his monster!
  15. Same here! I got a mini skinny and put all my random cards in there.