wallet ideas?

  1. I'm considering the mono zipped wallet as a sub/upgrade for my poor 10 year old black leather Prada which is a little worn out.

    Size is 4 5" x 6.4" Any thoughts?
  2. don't choose the multicolor koala I fight everyday to open and close it
  3. I am madly in love with my monogram porte tresor.
  4. i love my damier koala and my black mc pmbv.
  5. the zippered wallet seems big.....if that will work for you in all you bags I say go for it! I have a PTI and a Koala, then I have multiple smaller card case pieces for really small bags, but if the PTI were my only wallet it would be a problem.....
  6. I had a zippy organizer, but after I bought it, i wished the SA recommended the zippy wallet. It was a little shorter and better for my day to day life.
  7. I just saw it last week in the store, it's the perfect size, easy access... Get it, it will last you forever.
  8. The monogram porte tresor wallet is great!
    No need to worry about zippers!