Wallet ideas?

  1. My sister is looking for her first Chanel wallet, but she's not settled on what she wants. She's an attorney, and she needs something rather practical, on the larger side, and probably black and sleek. Any suggestions I can give to her? I don't know their wallet line (I've only got the handbags), so I have no idea what to tell her.

  2. There are a ton of different wallets to chose from. Awhile back there was a thread on wallets...try doing a search or the referance library. Hope this helps!
  3. gosh, i have a bunch of chanel wallets, but my fave, and the one i use the most is, my black caviar wallet with the full zip around. i never have to worry about anything falling out and it's big enough to hold everything, including a check book and pen!
  4. you can try the cambon or cotton club wallet!!
  5. I have the long black PNY wallet with that distressed leather. I absolutely love it. It's the only wallet I have been using.
  6. Hmmm I bet she'd like one of the full zip ones. They're very handy, my mom has tons! I have the cambon bifold one, and it holds I think 6 cards. But I'm a student and only have 1 credit card, so I just shove gift cards in the other ones. For a full-time attourney she probably has lots of cards and needs more space. So a bigger wallet definitely!