Wallet, How long before you

  1. get new one?
    Do you use your wallet until it falls apart or do you have several and just switch between them ?
  2. Both. I had a wallet for 10 years until my son, who was a toddler at the time, destroyed it. I also have 2 wallets that I switch out. One for spring/summer the other for fall/winter.
  3. I use one wallet at a time until it dies. I had a Louis Vuitton french purse for 11 years before it finally looked too shoddy for my taste. I went out and bought the same one to replace it!
  4. I'm thinking about do this ... just for a change and to keep things fresh :smile:
  5. I prefer to use a wallet until it looks shabby.
  6. I also use mine until it is shabby..it is way too difficult for me to switch in and out of a wallet!
  7. Well, I have about 3 or 4 wallets, which I really love. I don't switch them very often, every few month.

    I never had a wallet that fall apart.
  8. i just had a new one from last december, so i'll wait until it falls apart
  9. I have a LV wallet and will use it until it falls apart. It is too much trouble to change.
  10. I like to switch it up so I have a few.
  11. i want a new one! i boguht one coach compact clutch in 2005 and it is starting to weat a bit. maybe by the end of 08 i can get a new one.
  12. I usually have 2...one clutch one for daily use, then a smaller one for when Im going out or carrying a small purse
  13. I have one. I find that I can love 10 purses but wallets are hard for me. It takes me time to find the right one.
  14. I switch out wallets when there's a size problem (e.g. everyday wallet won't fit in clutch), but I use a wallet until it falls apart or I'm so sick of it that I want a new one.
  15. i use the same wallet with matching coinpurse; when i'm going out somewhere and my wallet doesn't fit i just stick the stuff in my coinpurse. I think i've been using it for 3 years!!