Wallet help!

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  1. I need help choosing a small wallet for a fushcia mini that's coming. I'm wavering between 3.

    1. Fuschia patent - would it be too much fushcia if I got this?
    2. Blue patent - I'm scared I might get sick of this color or that this color is too summer-y.
    3. Black with black hardware, not sure if it's black calfskin or what the material of this wallet is. It's the second one from the second picture.

    Suggestions/thoughts appreciated! :smile:

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  2. Fuchsia or black on black are my picks....
  3. My choice would be the black patent. I know it's not on your list but the black patent is perfect for evening but more importantly, doesn't get scratched in your bag. I think the pink is too matchy matchy and the blue I see as a seasonal color only. Not a fan of black on black. Good luck deciding 😊
  4. I love the Fuschia patent.:hbeat:
  5. Hmm it would be nice if I can see them in real life.. But thanks guys!! Ill go into the my boutique tomorrow hopefully.

  6. Blk patent!
  7. One of the black wallets would be my choice. You won't ever tire of the colour, and won't have to worry about scuffs or markings showing over time. I like the fuchsia as a second choice though too!
  8. That's what I thought too.. That I wouldn't get sick of black but fushcia and blue I may get sick of after awhile.
  9. i think pink on pink may be a little too pink! :smile:
    pink and black is nice and classic.
    pink and blue is very candy yum yum.

    i know this isn't on your list...but pink and a yellow wallet would be the ideal match for me!!