Wallet help!!!

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  1. Hi ladies....I am new to Chanel and wondered if you could help me find a wallet. I am looking definitely for black and something in the small to medium range. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Thank you!
  3. get caviar if you're going to use it as an everyday wallet ~ lamb will show wear faster IMHO!
  4. I have a black Cambon french flap wallet with patent black CC and the hot pink interior. It's so cute!
  5. Thank you ladies.

    Minty candies....if you don't mind me asking how much is this wallet?
  6. It was about $890 AUD when I purchased it last July.
  7. Also second the idea of getting a wallet in Cavier leather. I have one in pink and even though it's a light color, it wears very well.
  8. Hi Folks!

    Do you know if Chanel wallets are also subject to the crazy price increases? Also, does anyone have a large zip wallet? Is it too big? Do you ever use it as a clutch? I'm thinking of buying one so that I can just throw my phone inside, zip and go. Thoughts?