Wallet help!


Apr 8, 2007
Bay Area
I am in need of a new wallet! I've had both long and small wallets. I've always had a colored wallet in the past since its a nice pop of color, but black would be nice since its so classic and you can never go wrong with that.

I know I want a long wallet, should I get a black one or wait for a colored one? I know the colored one is always bicolored, and my favorite colors are pink and purple. What color combinations have been out before?


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
I've seen solid color wallets before. In fact, I think someone revealed a pretty Blue one not too long ago (a few months back). I think the Bi-Color ones are pretty and they're different from other wallets and are more "special." If you just go with a basic black, you may as well get one from another designer, because Celine wallets are pricey, but the designs/styles aren't really that different from any other designer.

The SA showed me a pretty Long Black Wallet that was 2-tone black -- the top half was glossy/patent leather, while the bottom half was smooth calf (lamb?). The inside looked exactly like the Marc Jacobs wallets I've been buying for a while now, but the price was almost 2x what I paid for the MJ one (and to be honest, I don't think Celine wallets are as good of quality as MJ or other designers -- I had a small bi-color wallet and was very disappointed in it's quality. The zipper pull felt very weak, like it would break off after using it for a while and the leather is very thin)

It really all depends on what you're looking for. I think if you really want a Celine wallet, I'd try to find one on sale and definitely get one of the bi-color ones


Sep 21, 2007
Big D
Departement Feminin has the Hibiscus/Orange bi-color wallet, and Philip at Nordstrom in Fashion valley has nude/black.

Oskar at Jeffrey New York has several in solid colors also.

Personally I have tried wallets and always seem to do better using Trio Pouches that I disconnect and reconnect at will. I can't ever seem to have time to organize wallets in the rush of things, so it is usually all just thrown in there! I did order the Hibisucs one myself since it is so pretty, and I am hoping I can keep everything straight in that one!

Best of luck! :smile: