wallet ....help???

  1. Hi friends
    I am looking to purchase an lv walletg. I like the compact zip, origianl and preforated but also love the Koala wallet. Can somone offer some recommendations as to which one you would recommend? I appreciate your help! Thanks:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
  2. i like the Damier Koala wallet the most :yes:

  3. I've had the mono PTI since March. If you must carry a checkbook, I think it's one of just a few wallets that has a checkbook holder. I am loving the damier zippy organizer. But it's over $600. I think the koala wallets are super cute with the hardware.
  4. I just bought the Zippy wallet and the Groom compact zipped wallet. I highly recommend them both! But if you're looking for a smaller wallet I think the koala wallet is beautiful and it holds a lot.
  5. i like the koala, but i always think that i'll scratch the hardware in a second.
    now i'm using a MC PTI, and i loved it!
  6. The Koala is excellent because of the sheer credit card slots, and it's a little more compact than the longer wallets (PTI, pochette, zippy).
  7. I have the mono zipped compact wallet and love the fact that the change compartment is separate from the cash/cards section. I can carry quite a bit of change at times, and my last wallet lost its shape because of the bulkiness. I got the hang of the wallet pretty quickly, too (I keep the change part open as the transaction is rung up and dump the coins in first and then zip that and tuck the cash away).

    It took about 2 months for the leather to be broken in enough so I could put bills away easily, too. I've had the wallet for almost 5 months and can't even believe it's gone so fast- the wallet fits that well into my daily routine!
  8. OK...I know I'm boring but...I like the mono french purse, I saw it today at LV and it looks "ladylike" (ok I am lame too...), seriously....it was very pretty and looks like it will hold up...def my next purchase.
  9. how much do you usually carry in your wallet? do you usually carry a big bag or a small bag? the ladies here gave you some ideas so you should pick what suits you best!
  10. i love the mono koala. so cute and tons of cc room
  11. I have the Mono Zipped Compact Wallet and even though I have other wallets, this wallet is one of my favorites. The credit card compartment stretch enough to fit two cards at a time. And it also has the cash/coin compartment separate, which makes it convenient. It holds a lot of change -it can get heavy sometimes. HTH.
  12. I looooove the compact zippy wallet because of its overall efficient design. :heart: Go for it!:yes:
  13. I have the compact zip and I love it! It doesn't have a lot of CC slots...so I bought one of those cheap plastic things and put it in.

  14. :yes: Yep! I agree!
  15. If you can get your hands on the Perfo wallet, I'd say go for it. If not, I'd say the Damier Koala . . . . . . .