WAllet help

  1. I want a wallet that will match my Azur speedy 25. Any suggestions.
  2. How about a vernis french purse in violette?

    Or an MC wallet in white?
  3. How about Zippy Wallet in Azur?
  4. How about the Azur Pochette Wallet or the Azur Tresor?
  5. zippy
  6. Aesthics or Function, which is more important to you?

    For Aesthetics I'd recommend the French Wallet or the Koala Wallet, both are beautiful IMO.

    For Function I'd go with a Zippy or some other more practical continental style wallet. These are pretty as well, but the hardware is kind of lackluster and I personally think the zippered styles aren't that pretty.
  7. Koala Azur Wallet
    soooooo prettty!!!
  8. This was going to be my suggestion also!

  9. French Purse in Vernis Pomme or Violette.

    Koala Vernis Pomme or Pearl.

    Azur Alexandria, French Purse of Koala.
  10. vernis french purse or ludlow in pomme. simply perfect for azur.
  11. Tresor, Zippy, or Koala. Zippy is pretty popular.
  12. azur koala wallet... if i'm getting any azur pieces that will be the "it" wallet
  13. Azur or White MC Zippy .... :tup:
  14. I think the perfect wallet would be something in Indigo...but that doesn't help the situation since they don't make it anymore. I tried the violette next to azur and it didn't do it for me. As of right now I guess something in azur (whichever wallet you prefer) would be the best match.
  15. I have a perle PTI that looks great with my azur speedy !