Wallet Help!

  1. Okay I need Wallet help!

    At first I thought I needed a wallet that was either 1. an agenda/wallet combo


    2. Zipped around

    Here is what I need in a wallet...

    At least 6 CC slots, coin pouch, area for money(don't want it to fold at all), place for my daughters pics and business cards etc. Also carry around a check book at times. I was thinking a zippy organizer but wow at $600+ thats a bag. I wish there was some way I could put a chain on the zippy organizer and it could double as a clutch then I could stomach the price,lol

    So what are your suggestions?

    I would also be getting this either in a pomme or red epi
  2. Considering your needs,the only one I can think of is zippy organizer in Red Epi or zippy wallet in Pomme but I'm not sure if the zippy wallet will fit in a cheque book comfortably. I know it's pricey but it'll be a good investment as it looks great and will last for a long time.
  3. I put checks (loose, about 10) and my checkbook register in my zippy wallet and it fits great with everything else. I don't carry the entire slab of checks, but I never need that many at once anyway. I love the zippy wallet.
  4. Good idea about the loose checks! I actually carry the whole slab and and register and in actuality, all I need is the register cuz I use a debit card for everything. hmmmmmmm.
  5. Thats a great idea!!!

    Sooo with that said.... I could get this wallet

    Portefeuille Accordéon and it would double as a clutch if I really needed one however it only comes in mono $575

    or this Small Ring agenda in Pomme and just get a flofax pouch for coins hmmm its only $305


    Zippy $675

  6. The red zippy would be gorgeous for your needs :yes: :yes: :yes:
  7. I have the zippy wallet (not the organizer) and it was worth every penny. I would love to have a second one in pomme.
  8. I have the vernis zippy wallet in framboise. I:heart: it so much. The zippy is the best wallet ever and can also be used as a clutch. I know its alot, but worth it.:love: