Wallet Help: Sarah or Alexandra???

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  1. I am stuck between the Sarah and the Alexandra! :confused1:

    I read the Alexandra info on the website & I don't see a place for bills... If anyone has this wallet, where do you keep them? and can you keep the bills flat or do you have to fold them?
    I love how this wallet has an ID/photo window!

    I like both of them a lot. What would you choose? :wondering
  2. I have a Sarah. There its a slot for bills and they sit flat.
  3. sarah
  4. Sarah but I am biased. I absolutely love it!
  5. I chose the Sarah over the Alexandra too. I think the bills go in flat and then you fold the wallet up. I don't recall right now though. Currently, I prefer using my ZCP instead because I don't carry that many cards.
  6. I love my Sarah wallet I also recently got a Zippy wallet and don't love it as much as the Sarah, it's the best.
  7. Sarah
  8. Sarah is awesome!!!
  9. Wow, I guess I'm the lone Alexandra fan (but I did have a tough time choosing it over Sarah, I'll admit). The flaps with the card slots form a sort of flap that you can put bills flat behind (so they're folded as the wallet is folded), but I prefer to fold my bills and put them in one the pockets next to the zippered coin part.

    The see-through ID pocket was what really sold me on the Alexandra over Sarah, even though Sarah is considerably cheaper. I think it's great, and I really like the slightly smaller size.
  10. Sarah
  11. Sarah
  12. Sarah!
  13. I am out voted here.......but I like the Alexandra wallet as I like a more compact wallet.
  14. Sarah Wallet! :biggrin:
  15. Sarah :smile: