Wallet Help Please!!

  1. Hello all!

    I was originally trying to buy something from LV before their price increase on the 23rd, but seeing as there's all this hype about a Chanel price increase for February, I think I'd rather buy my first Chanel piece...a wallet...seeing as how that's all I can afford.

    If you could all please please help me choose by posting pictures of your wallets, I would be most appreciative. I know there are wallets in the accessories thread, but there aren't that many posted in the mix of all the other accessories, and I know you all have more wallets than that!! I'm looking to keep the cost low, I like the double CC button wallet...so if you guys could help me with pics and advice (the nearest Chanel is more than an hour away from me, so I'd like to see my options before I make the trek!), I'd really really appreciate it!
  2. How low? I was just about to recommend the new glazed Lama skin wallet, but those start at around $700
  3. lol, lower than that I'm afraid. I believe the CC button wallet is their lowest priced wallet for $475, last time I checked, but I was hoping to see some more tPFers pics or get some other recommendations...but no one seems to respond to my threads here :sad:
  4. You must be patient.:p On the east coast people are sleeping now, and on the west coast they are all having dinner, helping their kids with homework, and getting them ready for the next day.
  5. Hi Jessi - cute puppy in your avatar!

    I feel your pain on wallet prices. I have just recently started getting into wallets and purchased several prior to the last price increase. The prices will be dependent on size; some of the smaller wallets with only 3 credit card holders where you have to fold your bills are under $500. However, the longer wallets (that I prefer) and zip-around wallets, are all over $600 now!

    With the search function disabled you won't be able to search for photos as there are lots here in the main forum. If you want to talk wallets, feel free to PM me. I've received quite an education on Chanel wallets over the past few months! (I'm actually migrating over to LV for lower price points...)
  6. Ooh thanks so much Smoothoprter! This is the exact wallet I was looking for, unfortunately it seems to be all sold out according to the 1800 number :sad: I think I might try to look for it in white...Also, I wonder what wallets have come out recently...?

  7. This is a long wallet. I have had a few variations of this style in Cambon and now in the Cotton Club ligne. I used as my check book cover. They currently retail at over $650. I don't know if they retail for less in Caviar leather, but you say the 800# has told you they are sold out.:shrugs: