wallet help! indecisive girl here!


May 2, 2006
I have a SERIOUS wallet problem. I'm more picky about wallets than I am bags. I get sick of them much faster and I never know which one I want most.

I have used big wallets, small, ones that are structured, ones that are just open pockets, etc.

Right now from Coach, I have a wristlet, mini skinny, and multi-function wallet. I'm trying to figure out which one is best, so I need recommendations.

I really like using a mini skinny, because I LOVE the outside pocket and the fact that it doesn't take up too much room. I really want a separate pocket for my license and credit card. However, I feel like it gets lost in the shuffle of my big bags and it's a bit too small (not to mention there isn't much variety, just different colors, but nothing that really wows me)

I love wristlets because they have a bit more variety and are pretty cheap for what you get. Between mini skinnies and wristlets, I could get a new one every few months without going broke. The thing is, most wristlets don't have an outside pocket. Am I missing the ones that do?

I like my multi-function wallet, but I almost feel like it's too bulky. I like the way the pockets are set up, but something about it bugs me.

I also need a separate thing for coins if I use a mini skinny or wristlet because they always get caught up in between all of my cards.

So, you can see my dilemma. Is anyone else this picky?


C'est la vie!
Sep 20, 2007
what about a hamptons french purse?

from what i saw @ the store yesterday it's pretty slim and it has plenty of room for cards.
I usually use a wallet and then have a miniskinny for my change. something about having cash and cards in a wallet and then a bunch of change to weigh it down even more really bothers me.


Nov 28, 2005
I have the same wallet in red embossed leather ^^^. I like its size and also carry something for the overload of change. I am a wallet freak, small, medium, large, and several change purses. For now this is my all time favorite it saves time when switching bags.


Mar 19, 2006
I'm picky about my wallets too! I have 2 compact clutches because I've found I love them most but in some bags it gets a bit bulky so I got a legacy french purse for when I need a slimmer wallet. The french purse holds quite a bit but isn't so bulky!


Jul 24, 2007
I agree with you-- i too am pickier with my wallet than my purse. I went to the PCE at my local COACH boutique with the intention of buying the matching wallet for my Julia bag, and because it didn't have enough slots for my cards i had to can that idea.

I did end up picking up this wallet, and after using it these last two days with heavy Christmas shopping-- i love it! There's and id window in the wallet which is sooo handy; there are enough slots for all my cards; there are two billfolds so i can seperate my paper money and receipts; and there's a change purse. Also the leather on it is soft enough that it's so easy to get your cards in and out in a hurry. I also love the embossed leather and accent stitching on it. With all of the function of then above, the size just made it a plus, because it isn't bulky and it's not too small where i have to search for it.

There are three different colors-- the brown, bordeaux and black. I would have loved the bordeaux but they didn't have it in stock and i really wanted to get something that day so the brown was what i bought for my Julia.

I own a wristlet, a mini skinny and an accordian zip-- this one is definitely my favorite. Hope this helps and good luck!:okay:

ps. You may also want to look at the Japan site, they have the same kind of wallet in many other styles. :tup:


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