wallet help! Eugenie vs Koala vs Vernis Zippy


Which wallet would you choose?

  1. Eugenie Koala wallet/clutch

  2. Koala wallet

  3. Vernis Zippy wallet/clutch (Raspberry)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and get a LV wallet. Please help me choose:

    1) Eugenie Koala - love the design as a wallet or clutch although not sure if I want the extra weight of the wallet vs a smaller one, worried the buckle will scratch, and hate the vachetta!!!

    2) Koala wallet - perfect but then I think for a little bit more, I can get the Eugenie (although heavier) it looks much nicer, no vachetta and worreid about the buckle scratching

    3) Vernis Zippy in Raspberry - Love the color, do not own any Vernis pieces, love the zippy but hate that there is no screen for my ID. Anybody know how the wear and tear is for a Vernis wallet?

    Thanks for all your opinions!
  2. I like the Eugine Wallet, but I totally LOVE the Vernis Zippy Wallet in Framboise!!!(I :heart: PINK)
  3. Get the Eugenie! It's such a fresh new design for a wallet!
  4. Eugenie wallet vote here!
  5. get the Eugenie. i'm planning to get that one too; i love that it has so many slots and the ID window
  6. This would be my choice :yes:

    3) Vernis Zippy in Raspberry -
    I agree the color is beautiful and would look great with any bag.Holds a ton ... its perfect.
  7. i would get the zippy! the eugenie is tdf, i agree, but the vachetta...over time will look bad...but this is what i look for in wallets..that's why i have the damier koala....
  8. :crybaby: I keep looking at the Vernis wallets, but my mono snapped billfold and coin purse is still so new. I have no good excuse for it .But I really love the pomme. Get the Vernis zippy
  9. I voted for the zippy wallet.. I think you would get the most bang for your buck out of that one, and it can function as a clutch too. :smile:
  10. I like the zippy the best.
  11. I'd get the Eugenie. :yes:
  12. I have the zippy and as much as I love it's practicality... Trading up for a eugenie!
  13. Gulp... its a tie between the Vernis and the Eugenie, I guess nobody is voting for the Koala.

    Does anyone have the Eugenie where they can share if the buckle gets scratched? How is the Vernis as a wallet? Does it get scratched easily?
  14. I'd get the Eugenie!!!
  15. I voted for the Eugeine, there isnt much Vachetta and it has SO many slots for stuff and a window like you want!!! I personally only like the Koala in all other lines minus the Monogram lol!! As for Vernis its great and all but I prefer the Eugeine!!