Wallet help, and certain other question :D


Jan 18, 2008
w/o even knowing which cartier wallet you are talking about, i would say go with that one. it is more expensive than the LV but so much more classier and durable. just my opinion though.


Dec 28, 2007
hmm.. only a few people really did answer my question.
Which one do you think best
the Cartier or the LV ? ;)

As this is quite expensive I need to research more into what I'm buying, as I'm holding a BV now, its nice and subtle but still.. you know craving for more hehehe, I need a classic timeless one but somehow it screams the brand name when I open it.. maybe LV damier graphite is the best choice but somehow I'm into Cartier as it feels more exclusive and luxe.. hehehe, whaddaya guys think ?

thanks !
Sep 30, 2007
I think you should go with the Cartier. I am a LV lover, but men a wallet is not too durable. My hubby owe a LV Damier wallet... he put lot of cards and he normally put his wallet into the back of his pant pocket. It it crumble and the edgeand side got ruin. We took it the LV store for repair, but it was too late.
Sep 30, 2007
Well, my husband and I love the new LV graphite. I almost got him the graphite wallet because it looks very masculine and hip. Shall I say.. very cool! Cartier looks very classic and simple. LV is more eye catching. If you don't put too much things in your wallet or beat it to death like my hubby than LV will meet your need. I will try to take a closer up pics of the side cracked for you.