wallet - has anyone seen it?

  1. my sister bought this wallet when she was in vegas last summer. I've looked everywhere for it and i cannot find it!! i even brought my camera to the stores and most of them have never seen it. I went to Saks when i was in NY this fall and they didn't have it either. help!! i really like this wallet because it is exactly how i want it. I dont really like the other chanel wallets.


  2. Has your sister kept the white tag that comes with the wallet? If so, you can ask her what the style # is, and it will be easier to locate this beautiful wallet.
  3. my mom has something similar accept hers is part of the luxury collection and is exacrly the same way appart from the sitching - she has the metal chain things on hers.
  4. WOW that wallet is HOT.
    does she have the white tag at all? maybe if you call the store and give the sa her info they can pull up her purchase history in the system and try to locate one for you?

  5. yeah i saw the luxury line wallet too. its exactly the same design/size i think the leather is a lil differnt though i think. but thanks
  6. yeah i probably should ask her for that stuff, i didn't think about it, thanks!
  7. it'a not Luxe Ligne. . . it's one the tip of my tongue. . . help me out girls, what line is this?!?!!?
    It's killing me!
  8. ^ditto..someone find out. im really loving this wallet!