Wallet for X-mas...

  1. Unfortunately I cannot buy any more bags for some time because I have over extended myself. Anyhow I am going to ask my partner to get me a wallet for x-mas either LV or Gucci. Does anyone have any suggestions? I own mostly gucci and prada handbags and I am the new owner of a mono speddy 30 and pouchette assescoire. I am concerned about looking too matchy!!! Help me to decide!!! Also I want something that will last so, that I do not need to buy a wallet for many years...my current wallet is a leather coach (which my partner bought me at a factory outlet for 70 US $$) but, is too small.
  2. Maybe try something in the Damier line? Coordinates but isn't matchy matchy!
  3. I have the monogram porte tresor int. and I LOVE it!
  4. Do you want a long wallet or a more square wallet?
  5. Hmmm... Perhaps a:
    Porte Monnaie Plat
    Porte Tresor International
  6. The LV SA told me that the Porte Tresor International is the best seller...what are peoples thoughts on that one...also do you think an LV wallet is better than a Gucci? I can only ask for one wallet for X-mas/b-day...I know two in one gifts because of the price...some guys do not get handbags and wallets !!!!!!
  7. I'm not a fan of Gucci... so I say get an LV wallet...

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black MC Porte Tresor International.... :love:

    But of course, you're asking if a LV wallet is better than a Gucci wallet in an LV forum, so you're pretty much going to get more votes on an LV wallet... ;)
  8. LV wallets are more durable, and unlike Gucci, they have zippered coin pockets. :yes:
  9. I would go with something LV in epi, it would go well with all your bags....
  10. To be honest i dont like Porte-Trésor International.. its just too long when u open it.. the wallet i love and have in different color is the same shape of Porte-Tresor in'l but with a zipper.. its classy, casual, easy to use and just the perfect wallet ever!

    These pictures are taken from eluxury but i have the wallet in Mono vernis white and fuchsia its amazing!

    Goodluck :flowers:
    p11216966_ph_detail_01.jpg p11216966_ph_hero.jpg
  11. The PTI is not for me, I'd say get the Viennois in Epi :yes:
  12. I like the PTI maybe in damier or epi they go with everything!
  13. I love the PTI..I have a couple and they're the best wallet to use. I rarely ever change, unless I'm switching bags.
    I do like the new billfold in the Mini Lin though.
  14. I have a mono PTI that is from 92 and looks new, great buy :smile: