Wallet for pochette

  1. I got my first pochette a few weeks ago, i never thought i would want to carry one as a purse, i normally dont like any bag smaller than a Speedy 30, but i love it! I bought a cles for it, but does anyone know if there is a wallet that would hold a few credit cards and still be slim enough to fit well in there without taking up all the room? I wont be at a store until June so any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. the card holder with the plastic inserts would be good. or i use a mono billfold in mine
  3. The Ludlow would be a good choice.
  4. I would also recommend ludlow as it holds some coins/folded bills and a few cards nicely (three slots, but if you stretch them you can fit 6 cards). It's perfect size for pochette :smile:
  5. A Ludlow is good but so is a billfold. I love mine and use it a lot with pochettes since it's so slim.
  6. Thanks so much for your help, i had a feeling that ludlow would be a good choice but im glad to know that it fits well. i kind of feel like i wasted my money on the cles when the ludlow isnt much more...oh well, maybe i can get a vernis ludlow, i dont have anything from that line.
  7. I have the mono french purse. It fits very well in the pochettes.
  8. I have a vernis ludlow that fits well in my pochettes. It's a nice choice.
  9. I got the Pocket Organizer and love it!!
  10. The ludlow is great! You could also try the mini agenda and use it as a card holder if you want something smaller.
  11. The french purse fits but only enough room for a cell phone and a few keys. The porte-monnaie billets fits with a cell phone and a cles and keys. The ludlow is the smallest and gives you more room for stuff but I don't like that I can only carry folded bills and a couple cards. I am getting a damier koala wallet and I think that it fits too!
  12. The porte-monnaie plat (change purse) is even smaller than the ludlow but fits much more, though bill-folding is indeed necessary. ~ I love mine ~:tender:

    I think the Koala is a good choice too.
  13. I also use the Ludlow. I have the monogram one, but have been eyeing the Pomme.