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  1. I need help...I am looking for a small wallet to go in my Pocehette Accessories. I just need something that will hold my drivers lic., about 6 credit cards and health insurance card. I looked on elux and thought maybe just the Credit Card holder would do. Then I saw the card holder. What kind of wallet do you use in your pochette.... Suggestions please!!! TIA
  2. I use two cles, one for cash and one for cards. You may also want to consider the ludlow, it's a smaller wallet and has 3 CC slots and a change slot as well. It's perfect for smaller wallets !
  3. 0o0o yeah a LUDLOW - epi manadarine is YUMMY!!! :wlae:
  4. Epi ludlow for me. In red. :smile:
  5. Ludlow or pocket organizer in epi, I actually use the pocket organizer and it's great, can fit a lot more cards and stuff in it than the ludlow but there's no spot for change, though is no matter to me b/c I use cles.....
  6. I am hoping to get a pocket organizer and pochette cles to hold the exact items that you just mentioned.
  7. yep, I find that they are just perfect for pochettes and mini speedy's and all my little baby bags!
  8. This happened on accident but I was out the other night and didnt have time to transfer everything into my pochette like normal.

    So I threw my small ring agena inside my pochette and it fit perfect. :smile:

    There was not room for much else but it worked.

    I sometimes use my agenda as a wallet so that's why it worked for me.
  9. I use a Men's billfold wallet. It has an opaque ID slot and holds 3 credit cards. If I need to carry any additional cards I use a credit card holder by Lodis. Here is a pic
  10. You can also check out the Broome. It's basically the same size as the Ludlow but the entire wallet has a zipper close. I love golden LV zippers... I have one in red and its awesome! I must admit though, I haven't even carried it yet... I carry my cards in my Cles. I match my Cles with my Pochette Accessories or Lexington. Good luck with your decision.
  11. I either use my monogram billfold, bronze vernis ludlow or Dior Girly wallet. They fit great :smile:
  12. So many options...thanks for the advice. I really like the Porte Monnaie Accordeon it is really cute. I am still undecided though. I need to give myself a deadline else I could spend the next month looking at wallets. But I do know that I want something really small so I can fit other things in my pochette.
  13. Do you really need a wallet? How about just a cles? You could just stick a credit card and a few dollars in it. I only use my pochette as an evening bag but this would work for me. The pochette is so small you are going to be hard pressed to find a wallet small enough to fit it.
  14. i used to have a pochette and i would carry the ludlow with it. it's small but it held everything that i needed. however, i think a cles with the pochette is a wonderful idea :yes:
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