wallet for my Rive Gauche

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  1. tan patent crinkle Hayden Harnett wallet:


    goes well with YSL Rive Gauche ?

  2. Great combo!!
  3. i LOVE the color of your bag! did you get it recently?! i just got a black one myself but they only had black available on the YSL website...
  4. very well. great job vesna finding a spot-on match!
  5. thanks girls :hugs:
  6. I got it last summer from Overstock. It was 50% of retail price :yahoo:

    ooooooh, I woulld LOVE black rive gauche
  7. Vesna, we're bag twins-- or sisters, I guess. I have the same RG but in the smaller size, also from Overstock. The HH wallet goes great with your bag!
  8. yeeeee bag twin :biggrin:

    I have minor problem, my screw barrel for closing the bag started ripping the leather underneath, so I am afraid to turn it any more, I just close it with a zipper, horrible.....is all OK with yours?
  9. Eeeep! Not yet *crosses fingers*. I actually have the opposite problem: my barrel is actually a little loose and spins around a bit on its own during use.
  10. that is great ! keep it that way. Mine was too tight, so yours will never rip anything. Great ! cheers, Vesna