wallet for my brother

  1. hi guys!
    I think i'm going to buy my brother a wallet as a gift (since I kind of scratched his car :crybaby:, thats fixed too though). But if anyone has any other suggestion for male gift items, please let me know!

    Anyway, would it be okay to give him an epi wallet? I kind of like this one (in black) eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Epi Bill Holder, Louis Vuitton, Small Leathergoods, w

    The only problem is that it's in the women's area. Would it be okay to give him it still or should I get him one of the more manly types? lol. It looks like a regular bilfold to me!
  2. the epi billfold is nice! :biggrin: i gave my bf a damier geant messager..and my brother a damier billfold :Push:
  3. Get him something from Damier or Taiga!
  4. ooo taiga is a good possibility! not sure about damier though, since hes not big on monogram and all.

    what about nomade? it looks nice but not as sturdy
  5. I loooove nomade, especially in the honeyed colour. I think the sturdiest option would be taiga, or even the utah leather. :yes:

    I got my brother a monogram wallet, but he's really digging the taiga leather so that may be next !
  6. Oh I love that one! My little brother has the monogram one! He is only 12 though!
  7. i love the damier billfold the most, planning of getting one for my bf as well.

    or if ur bro likes epi better, i love moka better than black (moka is dark as well, but i think it somehow looks more beautiful than black)
  8. Taiga is a nice line! Get a waller from it or something.
  9. My BIL has a passport holder from the Taiga line...it looks really good!
  10. I think it would be nice for you to get him something from the taiga line...I like the billfold with 9 credit cars slots
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