Wallet for me out there somewhere???

  1. Now that I have a beautiful bbag, I never want to pull my wallet out in pulblic anymore... I feel that the stuff in my bag needs to live up to my bag - so I now need an appropriate wallet :p

    Can you guys recommend an on line store to look for them? I want a really fun bright one - I would LOVE yellow - but after the marigold on eBay, I've (almost) given that up entirely... there is only one black one on eBay - I need color!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Anyone know of a marigold for sale anywhere :graucho: or any bright colors on line???
  2. You can't buy Balenciaga online, but if you email Aloha Rag or LVR and ask for their current accessories inventory, they will send you a current stocklist :smile:

  3. sorry to sound so new, but what does lvr stand for? I know I've read it somewhere in the threads, just can't remember where - love something?? thanks for putting up with me :smile:
  4. lcpet, I'm not sure that you'll find a marigold wallet anytime soon, but you'll definitely come across a few coin purses, etc., in eBay in brighter colors. Aloha Rag definitely carry wallets. LVR, however, do not. Oh, try Cult Status, as well, in Australia. They carry some coin purses, too... And, since you're in Boston, maybe you can try Barney's or your local Nieman Marcus. They definitely carry wallets there...
  5. Are you sure? I have a pdf from last year, and then they did have the one called "money". However, I don't think I've seen them in LVR's newer pdf's... But I can't find them right now, so I'm not sure.

  6. Hey Azure, I requested a PDF of theirs last week for the small leather accessories/wallets, and I was told that they didn't carry any. :sad:
  7. I see, that's too bad :sad: I know at least Aloha Rag has some red and blue wallets though!

  8. lcpetkova ... I see that you are in the Boston area (there are more than a few of us 'Beantown-ers' here in tPF). I would suggest the following:
    1. Barneys NY/Chestnut Hill - had quite a few wallets the last time I was there, which was just a few days ago
    2. Barneys NY/Copley Place - also had quite a few wallets available in some of the really bright colors
    3. Gretta Luxe, Wellesley - you might want to give them a call beforehand as their accessories stock is not as large as the above
    4. Louis Boston - occasionally has a few wallets, but they go very quickly
    Good luck!!
  9. Thanks AGAIN ceejay :flowers: I guess I will just have to drag myself back down town - barneys at copley is where I bought my bbag :love: They have an AMAZING selection, I was just hoping to maybe get a secondhand one (less $$), and maybe (fingers crossed one day!) a marigold :heart: I hear they are coming out with 'lemon curry' in the fall though, maybe I'll just wait for it!
  10. Unfortunately, there will NOT be a Lemon Curry color for Fall. That thread was a kind of "wish list" of colors (actually, what Pantone indicated as the Top 10 Colors for Fall).

    Here's the original blog on Ateliernaff - atelier.naff: Somebody didn't get the memo
  11. That blue is awsome...!

    Every time I see it I smile, and of course the rouge too
  12. ^^:nuts: :drool: I really like that blue wallet also.
  13. The Bal wallets are cool. I am desperately seeking a makeup clutch, which would also make a good wallet of sorts...There is also the coin purse if you don't store too much junk!
  14. I love that blue as well! Would love to get a coin purse in that color :love: