Wallet for m/l classic flap?

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  1. Can anyone recommend a wallet that small enough so I can fit in to my medium classic flap? It just too small for my LV long wallet and right now I just stored my cash and cc cards in the 2 slots. Thank you.
  2. I use a small chanel wallet (I think it is the s-flap wallet?) it fits wonderfully in my reissue, and still holds a ton. If you are looking for a LV wallet, I believe the Marie, ZCP, or compact curieuse would work for you as well. I am a fan of LV wallets but am loving this compact chanel wallet!!!! Take a look in the thread dedicated to chanel SLGs...it may help give you some ideas 😊
  3. You can also use a card holder or a "coin" holder (which really holds cards just as well) that are each small and are quite good for holding your cc's and license and such. That then leaves quite a bit more room for everything else (and do use the 3 inside pockets as well as the front pocket and back pocket and the "secret pocket." When you make good use of all the room the bag has to offer, you'll see you can fit more than you thought. I pretty much keep my phone in the back pocket, so that frees up space and my phone is easily reached.
  4. i only use a small coin purse from mandarina duck for my coins. i use the two slots inside the flap for all my cards while i use the secret pocket for cash and the pocket in front for bills. i feel like i don't really need a wallet when using my flaps. it is so cleverly designed that you can pack all your necessities inside and you really end up organized. it's an all in one bag :smile:
  5. If u don't mind , what secret pocket r u referring too? I see the back and the front . Thanks!
  6. I think it's the zipper compartment on the first flap
  7. Oh ok, but it so little room, I thought about that but wasn't sure. Thank again :smile:

  8. the one at the back of the bag after closing the inner flap, just below the zippered compartment on the inside part of the outer flap. sorry for not being clear enough :smile: for me, the classic flap has enough compartments a woman needs making a wallet unnecessary imho...which is actually good for our wallets in the long run :smile: such a genius design!
  9. I bought the chanel s wallet also, mine is patent camellia but it comes in other options. it has 6 credit card slots and I don't have to fold up bills first to put in. I also have a LV zcp that fits ok too, but only has 4 cc and have to fold up bills. The S wallet I bought was around $700 I think. It seemed kind of pricey for a small wallet. LV zcp was about half that. Lv have some nice small options too other than zcp. Or as someone stated if you don't carry much cash could just use something small for a few cards, card holder or a LV cles works good too.
  10. I would suggest that you put everything you need in the bag first and see what space is left and then find a wallet that can fit that space.

    I wanted to get the chanel coin purse - the one with the flap design, but after I put what I needed to carry in my bag, there's no more space! so, I'm gonna use the zippered compartment for my CC, bills and coins. I figured that this is fine since it's not my everyday bag anyway.
  11. I am able to put my LV Josephine wallet in it. But it takes up half of the space width-wise and leaves about almost 2 inches of space length-wise. I would say that this wallet takes up about 40% of of the space. If I just want to carry my wallet, phone, keys, a lip gloss, mints, a few small stuff. This wallet would work. But when I need to carry more stuff, I would let other stuff take priority over this wallet.