Wallet for LV mono sophie

  1. I need some help, I just purchased a LV mono Sophie from eBay and I don't know what wallet to get for it. I know it is only 10" so I need a smaller wallet that can fit money and a few credit cards. I was thinking the ludlow but it might be a little thick to fit all my other stuff in the bag too.
  2. Hmm... I thought about this problem too when I was thinking of purchasing Sophie... I would get a business card holder which is slim enough to put some CC, ID, and bills. Maybe something in Epi and bright color so it stands out among other stuff you put in there.
  3. I would not recommend a wallet. You don't want it to be so bulky and take a way from the cute shape. Maybe a credit card holder or some type of pouch. Just my opinion.
  4. Zippy coin purse or a T&B cles would be nice.
  5. what about the new pochette cles? would that fit? u can put cc's in the back and bills/ coins in the pouch.
  6. I agree that a cles would be good.
  7. I have a Sophie in Damier and the Ludlow fits fine as long as you don't put something next to it width wise if that makes sense. The new pochette cles or zippy coin purse would also work.
  8. [​IMG]
    my tiny wallet, cles and phone (now i have iphone)......then digi cam....that's all i can fit in there!!! sometimes i carry my 10CC wallet and change holder.
    i love sophie too much (even though i hardly ever use it) i got one in damier too!!!
  9. Cles or a ludlow
  10. oo a lil vernis ludlow would be a jewel in that Sophie :smile:
  11. I think a cles or a ludlow would work perfectly. Congrats on finding the rare Sophie, such a fab bag!
  12. I have the Sophie and I use the new pochette cles. I still have room for my camera and phone.
  13. I have a damier sophie and I carry my phone, keys, lipgloss and a mono cles in mine.
  14. Pomme Ludlow
  15. I agree - a cles or a ludlow!!